profile-picI am Sukhwinder Singh and I am 37 years old. I am married and besides me and my wife, we have 5 members in our family, my mother and father, my brother and his wife and my sister, who is living abroad. I own 12 acres of land and I have taken 14 acres of land on lease. We normally sow paddy and wheat, but now I am planning to sow Green Chilies in one acre. We have many agricultural implements such as Potato Cultivator, Rotavator, Ripper, Leveler and Hand Ridge Maker. We use non organic fertilizers and pesticides for our crops. We also have two buffalos and one cow and we use their milk for household purposes. We also grow fodder on an acre for our animals. We also grow Mustard in our fields. The produce is sold in Athoor Mandi, near our village.



I own 12 Acres and 14 Acres I take one lease.


Potato Cultivator, Rotavator, Ripper, Leveler and Hand Ridge Maker.


2 Buffalos and 1 Cow for dairy needs of the house.


I grow Paddy, Wheat and Green Chilies.

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Message to Farmers

My message to the farming community is to take effective steps to save water and use good quality seeds which are not easily available. Farmers should take active part in Kisan Melas as they are really informative regarding the new farming practices as well as about new variety of seeds.


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Address: Village Gehal, Tehsil Tapa, District Barnala, Punjab
Phone: +91 9417921963